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2008 Archived Newsletter

Winter 2008 Newsletter

FALL MEETING: Was held Oct. 18th at the SFB's Clubhouse in LaCrosse. They always are great hosts and LaCrosse is the place to have a good party anytime. THANKS Guys! The business included reports from attendees that were at Houston NCOM convention. Aside from the party with 1,500 of old and new friends, there was a wealth of legal info to bring back. Next year is in Reno, so make plans now. We'd like a good contingent from Wisconsin. Other parts of the country look to us for leadership and innovative ideas. For more info call NCOM @ 1-800-ON-A-BIKE.

We had guest speakers from NCOM & "Street Legal" MC who gave us info and ideas on their Minnesota Biker Anti- Discrimination Law. It works great and it's time Wisconsin had it's own. We've got the basics and will be organizing a committee at the Winter Rendezvous to pursue this long overdue legislation. We are not second class citizens and shouldn't be treated as such. Start talking to your local legislators and drumming up support. We'll reach out to all Clubs and SMRO's.

Nominations were held for all Federation offices, for the list check our website. Elections will be conducted at the Rendezvous, so send a rep to have your voice heard. We encourage input! Remember, one Club=one Vote so every group has an equal say in all our activities.

WINTER RENDEZVOUS: This by far is our biggest project. We all agree that 2009's event should be the biggest and best ever held. Although this is our regular winter meeting, and business is conducted and elections held, it is much more. It is a time to relax and spend time with all the Brothers & Sisters that make Wisconsin special. It was originally started nine years ago for mainly a super party and as a reward for all those who work so hard to keep Wisconsin Free. It is not set up to make us rich or to pat each other on our collective backs. If we can break even and have a great time, we have succeeded. We're all working real hard to ensure this happens, and all we ask is that you attend! This is the perfect situation to network, meet old & new friends and be able to do it in a safe and friendly environment. Eat, Drink (YA), and be Merry, without the worry of OWI's etc.

The hotel loves us and we get lots of perks not normally allowed. But that is only because we have always filled the whole place so there's noone else there to offend. Pool, hot tub, and fun lounge that has a sense of humor. Add to that this year, a bountiful biker buffet, free beer & soda as usual, and this year I've talked my old friend, Wisconsin's own famous son, biker recording artist and songwriter, "TUCK PENCE" into playing his rock & country for us and it won't cost the Federation any more than a DJ. Again, all we're asking for is for your support and attendance. For $15 advance, where can you beat that deal? PLEASE call the hotel ASAP as we do have to fill it to make this work for us. 1-800-280-0778 and you HAVE to say FEDERATION to get rooms and discount. I will need advance ticket money BY Jan. 9th to have enough food, etc. ($20 after 9th) The $15 includes everything above but sometimes doesn't cover all costs. (heavy beer drinkers). To balance that out, we ASK that you donate an item to be auctioned off by us after meeting. We appreciate generosity and the auction often balances out our books. Besides, you can buy nifty stuff at discount prices! Win-win. So that's my pitch, hope you all can make it Almost forgot, one added attraction is we'll be holding a one hour seminar taught by "Street Legal", on everything you need to know during a police stop/search (things they don't want you to know). Don't miss this!

CLOSING: If you've been watching TV or reading news, you know what's happening to that Club on the west coast. As outrageous as this seems, and no matter what they did/didn't do, this will affect everyone that rides. If this ruling is allowed to stand, the government will not only own the Club's name, but everything that it's displayed on. Outrageous but true! If this doesn't validate all of the warnings and get your attention, nothing will. It is time to stand up and fight back. ALL of us!

QUOTE of THE DAY: "Our lives will begin to end the day we stand by and remain silent about the things that matter..."M.L.King Think about that for awhile. Thanks, FROG



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