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2009 Archived Newsletters



Our last meeting was held in Oshkosh at the Zodiacs MC clubhouse. It was well attended, and THANKS for the hospitality! We had guests including Joey Lester from AIM?NCOM speaking on legal issuesand current events. Members of ABATE and BOLT and ACOA also were there and a healthy discussion on biker issues took place. We always encourage guests and visitors to attend. This enables us to keep on top of problems and keep members informed. The discrimination issue was discussed and our committee was continued. We hope to have a game plan in place by the Winter Rendezvous. If you have any suggestions please contact us by email.

Recently the Zodiacs lost a Brother "Moses". Our condolences to club and family.

OPEN POSITION: We currently have an open Trustee at large position. If you are interested please email or call me (Frog) and we will include you on the ballot for the January meeting. It basically involves being at meetings for votes in case the BOD is short, and help with the networking. So far "Double D" Zodiacs MC and "Wizard" from Rolling Thunder have applied. THANKS!

WINTER RENDEZVOUS: The Rendezvous will be at the same location, same basic plan. It will be JAN 16th at the Elizabeth Inn and Convention Center in Plover. In order to keep this an annual gathering, and have it successful, we will need strong support and good attendance, to make it practical and cost efficient. This is not only our winter meeting, it is our year end party and a relaxing place to network and discuss regional issues and problems. We have guest speakers lined up to inform us on current national laws and events, answer your questions on any problems, and to organize efforts to retain our rights and liberties. There will be live music, good food and refreshments. we intend on keeping the cost down  and affordable for all. We don't put this on to make money, just cover costs and keep up mailings There are room discounts at the hotel, so nobody gets OWI's. PLEASE call and make reservations early!! The number of rooms reserved will determine any extra privileges we can ask for like smoking, pool hours etc... We need everybody's support and cooperation and we will have another great party! Call ASAP to reserve rooms 1-800-280-0778. You MUST mention Federation to get our rates. There will be a poster with Rendezvous details coming out later in the month. ADVANCE Party tickets will be available for $20.00/ person including dinner, party, and refreshments. GOOD DEAL !!

SEND CHECK or MONEY ORDER to our P.O.BOX  to RESERVE your spot. Advance ticket price good only through January 4th 2010, but if you can please send in early to help us with ordering and paperwork.

LEGAL ISSUES: We continued our discrimination committee, but we are not documenting a large number of complaints. To get any legislation introduced and then passed, we must first prove a problem exists. Discrimination complaint forms and information will be available at the rendezvous. Or contact any BOD or committee member for faster attention. Another issue that has come up this year frequently this year is loud pipes harassment. We will also address this at the meeting. looming in the shadows is the always present helmet law possibility. Both houses of our legislature are controlled by Democrats. They feel compelled to control all us helpless citizens from ourselves from the cradle to the grave. We really need to be proactive on this, and be prepared for battle. Just look at what has happened recently.1.) Primary seat belt law.  2Statewide smoking ban in bars.  3.) Mandatory minimum insurance. (and many others too) We need to coordinate with  MRO's  like ABATE to form a united front against the tyranny.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Some people have had emails to me come back, they may have old information. We encourage input and ideas, ALWAYS! Make a note of our current contact information

NCOM CONVENTION: Convention will be next May in Orlando Florida. If you were there the last Florida meeting you will automatically want to go back! What an event! We will offer some assistance from the Federation to those who wish to attend. More info in Jan.

DAILY QUOTE: " In the confrontation between the stream and the rock....the stream will always win!! Not through it's strength, but it's persistence."

( Think about that....remember we are like the stream)

Yours in Freedom




EMAIL FROG: frogwayz2@yahoo.com


Couple of things I forgot in last newsletter.

We need volunteers to work at the Winter Rendezvous.

An auctioneer for the Biker Auction Sat. night.

 (Don't forget, each Club please bring an item todonate for the auction. Whatever you can afford to help out the cause is appreciated.)

Also 3-4people to run ticket will-call and wristband sales are needed.

 Itineraries will be available at theHotel front desk from Friday night on.

If you stay Sat. night, you can stay Friday or Sunday for only $40 a night. Swap Meet booths are available Sunday for Federation members at 1/2 price while they are still some open.

Also Federation members receive door discount Sunday with wristband from Sat..

Live music provided Sat.by Dave Sky and His All Star Band doing a mix of Southern Rock, Classic Rock, and Country/Bluegrass.

This is included in your admission ticket !

 I will extend the advance sales until Jan.6th because this is late.

Send in your $20 to our PO Box by then and save $5.

Meeting only of course is always free at 6:00pm.

If you haven't reserved your room, PLEASE call ASAP to 1-800-280-0778 (mention FEDERATION)

More info @ www.wisconsinmc.com or my email: frogwayz2@yahoo.com



Greetings Brothers & Sisters. The unofficial start to riding season, Memorial Day weekend has just passed. I hope that somewhere between stops for brats & brews you took a minute to stop and reflect on the signifcance of this holiday and it's connection with bikers and clubs. The first MC's were started by returning Vets looking for the camaraderie they experienced during their service to our Country. Still to this day, many Clubs memberships consist of US Vets and a large number are for Vets only. "For those who have fought for it...Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know." I'd like to suggest that if your group is looking for a local fundraiser, you will consider one that raises money for disabled or returning Vets or their families. They need it and they deserve it.

Next time you cross paths, buy a Vet a drink and tell them "Thank You" for their sacrifices. LAST MEETING: Our last meeting was held in Green Bay in April hosted by the Magnetos MC. The turnout was great! Thanks for your interest and support. With all the current attempts by government to eliminate MC's and have them branded "criminal organizations", we will all need to work together more than ever before. If we don't, your children will learn about us in a museum.We have formed an Anti-Discrimination committee who will compile written reports and complaints to present to concerned legislators in hopes of writing our own bill in Wisconsin. Minnesota has a very successful statute and just recently Texas passed a very comprehensive bill of their own. We will pattern ours after the ones that have already stood against challenges in court. NCOM will assist us on a national level. The time to move on this is now. I have ordered more of the Discrimination forms and the "Know Your Rights" cards. I was cleaned out at the meeting.

We'd like to welcome the newest MC to the Federation, the "Heavens Devils". They have been around a long time and host a number of events in Wisconsin. (see poster on web) The books have been closed on the "Winter Rendezvous". Good news is we didn't lose any money this year. But, it can be much better. Suggestions are always welcome! NCOM: The national convention was held in Reno in May. I'm sorry to say we didn't have any reps there this year even though funding was available. I missed due to health issues but don't plan on missing next year's which I hear is in Indianapolis. Start thinking about it now. Important! WEBSITE: If you haven't visited lately, do so. Koa has fine tuned it into a very professional and informative site. Federation groups can list their events free of charge and businesses can post for a small donation. If you want to keep on top of national and international news regarding our lifestyle, click onto "Bikers Behind Bars" logo. This is not just for incarcerated bikers, it covers all the news you need to know. It is supported by NCOM and private donations are welcome.

NEXT MEETING: Will be in October and held at the great clubhouse of the "Zodiacs" MC. Plan on attending as we'll be pushing for the Discrimination bill and also planning next year's Winter Rendezvous. A number of members have inquired as to why we don't have a summer event/meeting. The answer is that there are so many individual activities going on we don't want to step on anybody's attendance. We tried a summer party and lost money. If anything major comes up we can convene a special meeting if needed. The BOD keeps in contact and we're scheduled to meet in July to brainstorm and review latest developments. As with everything we do, the membership can change the schedule if it so chooses. Majority rules.

BREAKING NEWS: I have just received some newspaper articles and pictures regarding a so-called biker bar opening in the Fox Valley. It's a "biker bar" except it doesn't want to serve anybody who's wearing a patch. It brazenly declares that in bold print. We may have just come across our perfect test case for our Anti-Discrimination movement. Posted on our webpage.

CLOSING: This year may be the make or break of the biker lifestyle. Two other countries have initiated laws to ban MC's. What happens there will roll downhill towards America. This will be a test of our willingness to fight for our rights and to come together for a common purpose. If you believe in this, it's time to get serious and support those that support us. Wisconsin Federation of Motorcycle Clubs PO Box 1924 Woodruff, Wi. 54568-1924 www.wisconsinmc.com


WINTER RENDEZVOUS: This year's Rendezvous was held in Jan. at the Elizabeth Inn as it has

for the last seven years. Attendance was not the best we ever had but the crowd was enthusiastic. The new buffet set-up seemed to go over well, although we did run short on a couple of items, leftovers on others. We need to develop a more accurate way of letting me know how many are attending so I can order more accurately. Party & music were great. Suggestions are always welcome. This should be a fun and informative event for all bikers in Wisconsin. The meeting was spirited with lots of healthy discussion on current events concerning Bikers and M.C.'s in particular. If I came across a little strong in my commentary during the meeting, it's because of the seriousness of the situation that exsists today. If something isn't done soon and we don't make a united stand, the government will win and eliminate motorcycle clubs and organizations from this Country. If you don't know history, motorcycle clubs were started by returning Veterans and those who fought to protect our Constitution. Clubs today are still made up of many Vets with numerous groups entirely for Vets. What's changed is the respect for and interpretation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Read them if you haven't in a while and see for yourself if what we're doing as M.C.'s isn't guaranteed under a number of those Rights. The current and most blatant attack on Freedom itself is the government seizure of all the patches and property belonging to a well known National Club from the west coast. The government claims it now owns the Club name and all things connected to the name. NCOM has spearheaded the fight to overturn that ridiculous and outrageous court ruling. If this is allowed to stand, it's only a matter of time before your Club and all the Club's are gone and in museums and history books. Read the book "1984" and see if it's come to pass. The Federation voted unanimously to send a donation to NCOM earmarked for the "Trademark Defense Fund" Along with what we sent, the SFB's M.C. generously sent a donation of their own to help out with the fight for Freedom. THANK YOU GUYS!! Above & Beyond.I have worn a patch for over 40 years so if I seem over excited, this has been my whole life and I'm not ready to give it up. You're all free to make your own decisions on this. OK, I've taken my blood pressure medicine now and can get on with other business. :)

ELECTIONS: Thank you to everybody than ran for office, you are all qualified and appreciated.

The new officers and staff are listed on our web site with contact info: www.wisconsinmc.com

COMMITTEE: We have formed a new committee to organize our Biker Anti-Discrimination bill project. They will investigate discrimination allegations and contact legislators interested in supporting our cause. Minnesota passed a similar bill and it's working great. If you want to find complaint forms you can go on the AIM/NCOM web site and fill one out or we will have them. WEB SITE: Get your summer events sent in for calendar listing early to avoid date conflicts. Let's all network and support each other's events to make everybody's successful. Quid Pro Quo. (Latin for one hand washes the other) Even a couple of new visitors can make the party better. FED PATCHES: Our new Federation Member patches are done and available next meeting. NCOM CONVENTION: It's in Reno, Nv. May 8-10. Info at 800-ON-A-BIKE or if you have ANY questions of a legal nature 24/7. We would like to help finance some of our members to make the trip again, but the treasury is tight. SO, I'm asking personally for you all to help out again and bring some little donation to the April meeting for an auction with the proceeds going to our members who will attend. Rooms again will be donated by AIM/NCOM attorneys. This may be the most important convention ever. Please help any way you can. Thanks! NEXT MEETING: April 18th hosted by the Magnetos and located in Green Bay. Separate posters with all the details are being worked on right now and will be mailed. We need EVERY Biker we can muster to insure a Biker lifestyle future for ourselves and our children. Send some reps! CLOSING: It may seem all the bad things are happening on the coasts and only to the "Hard Core" and 1%ers. Mark my words, when they're done with them and noone stands up, your group will be next, and noone will be left to defend your lifestyle choice.Time to make a stand! QUOTE of the DAY: "A dose of adversity is often as needful as a dose of medicine..." Thank you all for your continued support, together we can take back this great Country. Hope to see you all at the next meeting! FROG Secretary/Federation


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