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A late MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the Brothers & Sisters and friends of our Federation.

 I hope 2011 brings you all good health and happiness.


 If we are going  to remain a Free and Independant people, we will all need to pull together and strive to insist and

demand that we receive our God given and Constitutionally guaranteed rights as Americans!

Too many of our members have fought and sacrificed much (some all) to lose Freedom to apathy!


 LAST MEETING: Nov.13th at the Satan's Outcasts CH. Nominations for our officers for the next two years was completed and due to some people leaving office,

we ended up with just enough people to fill every position. This eliminates the need for balloting so new officers will take office and be introduced at the Winter Rendezvous meeting

Jan.15th. I'd rather see some competition but this saves us paperwork and time. Suggestions and complaints are always encouraged.


We had two MC's as guests and our Friends from ABATE were there. Alliances will become more important as the challenges we face develop into National attacks on Freedom.

You are encouraged to belong to more than one MRO if you can. We support every organization that's willing to support us and the fight.

Be aware that "Lobby Day" is Feb.22nd this year, and this is the opportunity to have a face to face with people that are elected to make/preserve our laws.


Meetings for 2011 will be decided at the Rendezvous. If you would like to host one, be serious and commit to having it.

 It's a good time to introduce people to your own parties, etc. and even Bikers make schedules in advance and need prior notice. A reminder to get your events to our

web page as early as possible so Hellcat can post them. It only makes sense to use the free advertising and try to not over schedule any one date. More people equal more income for you!


NATIONAL NEWS: The Club Patch "Trademark" court battle continues. The Bikers have won round two but the Government won't quit without a fight and have appealed

 the court's ruling that you can't seize a MC's name and personal property without cause. Why not keep trying? It's our tax money they're spending against us

and they haven't worked for it anyway.

Other issues include a National motorcycle only roadblock law and pressuring all states into making helmets mandatory again.

BE AWARE! we need to lobby against these or they'll sneak them into law before you know it. Our Discrimination committee will be assigned guard duty on these.


WINTER RENDEZVOUS: Coming up fast! With all the National activity against Bikers brewing, it's more important than ever to be educated and proactive in the fight.

This meeting will have speakers from across the US to inform and answer questions. The time is now to network and form alliances and friendships between

Bikers from all over and tighten our own State's friends. You can not only learn the important news but have a good time doing it here.

After working all year it's a cool place to kick back, have a refreshment (or two) and shoot the bull with old and new friends. Stay and play in this safe "Biker Friendly" environment.

(see info below).


Sat. Jan.15th. Elizabeth Inn Convention Center I-39 & 54W Plover, Wis. 800-280-0778 (rooms)

You must indicate "Federation" to receive room discount. Call early to insure a place to sleep.

For the Newbies, Hotel has pool, hot tub, bar lounge, free breakfast. (1/2 price room Fri.or Sun.)

Advance tickets:only$15 /after Jan.8th:$20 Includes Food, Refreshments, and Live Music all night.

Band is Dave Sky and His All Star Band. Buffet Dinner is at 5pm. Meeting at approx.6:10pm-7:30

Biker Auction right after ( Clubs PLEASE bring at least one item to auction) We need it! Thanks!

Party right after that. Will Call/Sales ticket table open at 3pm. BOD meeting at 3:30pm in Rm.136

Wristbands are required for admission to all but Fed meeting. Swimsuits required in pool (please)

Swap Meet Sunday 9am-4pm. Discount with your wristband. Vendors Wanted: call 920-202-4590

Send your check or money order to the Federation address below. MUST arrive by Jan.10th!!

Any last minute questions, please call Big Milt BOD at 715-853-1506 (mornings best)


 In closing, 2011 will be a year that will test our determination and resolve. We need each other to prevail. Spread the word, make new friends,

invite and encourage all MC's to participate!

Most of you already know I'll be stepping down as Secretary. I was there at the beginning 17 yearsago when 5 Clubs took the leap and started our Wisconsin Federation.

We've come a long way and have had as many MC's as 52 that belonged. We've been an example for the entire Country as to what Brotherhood can accomplish

when we put our minds to it. I'm not ashamed to say I'm very proud of the Organization and those who work so hard to guide it. And all the Members.


Health has now caught up with me and I can't be there the 110% that I expect from myself. I'm not going far, I'll still be involved in a advisory capacity as the BOD sees fit.

What a long strange ride it's been. I'll leave you today with two quotes I really think are appropriate...and Thanks!

"You have got to stand for something...If you don't you'll fall for anything!"

"Character is who you are and what you do when you know that noone is watching..."

Ride Free and Safe...Frog Secretary / Wisconsin Federation of Motorcycle Clubs


POB 1924 WOODRUFF, WI. 54568-1924





I hope everbody's Summer is going great and staying safe. We have lost far too many Brothers

and Sisters to both accidents and health issues recently. Be alert and live defensively!

LAST MEETING: Was held in LaCrosse at the SFB's house and as they always are, were great

hosts. Attendance was down and that's somehing that really needs to improve. The only way a

group like ours can accomplish our goals is through our strength in numbers. Don't count on a

few people to try and make policy and save our Rights and Freedoms. It just won't function well

and our lifestyle will slide downhill. Send a rep or two at least to every meeting. Give a Damn!

Joey L. (NCOM) made the meeting and updated national legal battles and answered questions.

NEXT MEETING: Coming up real quick. Aug.21st at the Top Hats Summer party. Starts at 1pm.

You should have received a party and meeting poster last month. Questions or directions call

"Weasel". 920-922-2252. Vendors also welcome. Meeting/Free Party only $15. Good Time!

NCOM: The convention in Orlando was huge and informative. The Patch Confiscation case is

rolling along in the courts. As of right now, we're winning. It's not over, the government is

appealing of course. Discrimination cases are being won all over the Country. This is a good

example of what can be accomplished with National support and cooperation among MC's.

Sad news, long time Bikers rights super hero, "Sputnik" from Texas passed away. He will be

sorely missed by all. But the fight for Freedom will go on. It was his legacy.

One note, only two states weren't represented at convention. Wisconsin was one. Not good. :(

ELECTIONS: Both our Federation and the public officials have elections coming up. Ours are in

January 2011 at the Rendezvous. If you can run , do so. New blood always welcome. I have to

announce that I probably will not be running for Secretary again. Over 15 years I've tried to do my

best for all Bikers and our Lifestyle by working for our Federation. My health is not particularily

good right now and I had to miss a meeting already this year. If I can't do my job 110% I am

not comfortable going through the motions. We can use fresh ideas and enthusiasm. RUN!

State and local primary elections are coming quick. If you don't vote, don't bitch! I won't tell

anybody how to vote, but Gov Doyle has single handidly stripped away our Freedoms. He has

made our seatbelt law primary and an excuse to stop and search cars, did his best to kill our

tavern business by the no smoke law, and jacked up all our insurance rates by mandating

mandatory minimum coverage for all vehicles. ($100K for a Moped?). Also in the works is the

Roadblock stop law. What probable cause is that? The Republicans have a conservative

batch of candidates including one that rode his bike with a pack across Wisconsin. Politics

is a pain Bikers shouldn't have to deal with, but if we don't, all Freedoms will be lost soon!

RENDEZVOUS: We're all going to work hard to make 2011's Rendezvous the best ever and

shouldn't be raising any prices. If the membership doesn't think it's a good idea and show a

little better support, it may be our last. We used to fill the hall to overflow the first 3-4 years

and it's gone downhill since. This is a relaxed, layed back party for you all to safely party and

network, and learn how to fight or your Rights. But the only way it will work is if we get more

people attending. It's really up to ya'll. If you have any suggestions or requests PLEASE let

me know. I'm not a mind reader. Details announced at October meeting. (And nominations).

NOTE!! Rendezvous date is Jan.15th, 2011. PLEASE don't schedule any other parties. OK?

Hotel number is 800-280-0778. It's not too early to reserve rooms. Mention "Federation" rates.

THANKS: To everybody that has shown unbelievable support for Veterans causes and activities

sponsored by our Federation Vets groups. The "Summer Twister", the "Honor Flight" and the

AFMC's Benefit for Children of Fallen Soldiers, just to name a few! Keep up the good works

and always Thank a Vet when you run into one on the road. If it was't for them, we'd have

no Freedom to try and preserve. We encourage Vets from all wars and branches of service to

attend the Federation meetings and events. MC's are all decendants from our Vets. Thanks!

If I sounded a little down today, it's because I am. NEVER before have Bikers faced so many

enemies of our Freedom and Liberty. Yet, I see less participation and support for those people

and groups who speak and fight for us all. Everybody needs to get it together and show more

enthusiasm. Our Wisconsin Federation, ACOA, ABATE, NCOM, MRF, and other MRO's are

working with too few supporters and finances. Stand up now or be ready to lose all your Rights.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: This was spoken by an old Friend and Brother, NCOM B.O.D., Jesse

McDugald, (USMC) as he eulogized for Sputnik. It is really appropriate for us all...

"Is Life so dear as to be purchased at the price of Chains and Slavery?..." P. Henry.

I don't think you?

Thanks all...Frog Sec. Wisconsin Federation of Clubs

P.S. Congrats to "Michael D." SOS MC, the editor of "Brothers Behind Bars" newsletter. He has

received NCOM's Chairmans Award for his great work in Biker communications. If you want to

stay informed on everything pertaining to what's happening in the MC world, check out his work

on the NCOM web site. Subscribe to his newsletter and have it sent to any downed Brothers.

That's how our Federation officers stay current on all things Biker.

ALSO, remember to check out our Event page on the Federation site. Your non-profit event

always posted FREE and business ads run really cheap! Contact "Hellcat" webmaster.



WEB: Contact "Hellcat" with events or advertising questions

For National or NCOM questions please call 1-800-ON-A-BIKE or their web site




SORRY! This is coming out later than I hoped. We wanted to have all the Spring meeting details set up before sending out...So here is all the latest info and news that is available.

WINTER RENDEZVOUS: This year's event went well without any major issues. Worked out a few of the bugs we had last year. THANKS to all that attended and I hope everybody had a great time.

It's hard to be responsible for pulling the party together and still have fun, but I managed a little. We appreciate all the workers from various Clubs that donated their time and effort. The only way

this works is by all doing their part to support the Organization. The primary purpose of the event is to have a safe, relaxed atmosphere to network and promote our motorcycling lifestyle.


MEETING: We had one glitch to start off, Joey Lester from NCOM was supposed to attend and speak, but through a series of biker-type screw ups, he ended up stuck at the Milwaukee area

airport with no info on where we were or my cell number. That was to be a large part of our meeting. That will NOT happen again and Joey will be at the next meeting in LaCrosse in April to speak

and answer questions. If you have any NCOM questions before, you can call 1-800-ON-A-BIKE. We held a special election to fill open BOD and Trustee positions. Thanks to everyone that ran,

and the results were that "Double D" from the Zodiacs MC is the new Director and "Blacksheep" from the Magnetos MC is our new trustee. Contact info will be posted if it's not already on web.

Feel free to contact any of our Officers with questions or suggestions for the Federation. If we can't provide you with an answer we'll send you in the right direction. (Or do our best!).

Our Anti-discrimination committee has been working hard and has come up with forms and other materials to use to report any cases of Discrimination or refusal of service to Bikers.

All the info is posted and downloadable from our web site. Go to and check out our new and expanded site. "Hellcat" is our new web-dude and he's doing one hell

of a job. Post your party or charity events free! Appropriate Biker business ads are accepted and  really are cost efficient to promote your activity. Contact "Hellcat" directly or talk to me.

Our annual "Liberty Award" was given to a long time Federation member and officer, "KOA" from the Armed Forces of America MC. He's been around since the early days and spends

countless hours working for Veterans groups and Bikers benefits alike. CONGRATS BRO'!! \ We voted in a new member group to the Federation; "Bikers For Christ" MC. Welcome

aboard guys! Hope to see you at future events and attend some of yours. The case of pizzas prize awarded to the Club with most Rendezvous attendees was the SFB's this year. They

missed out last year by ONE member to the Satan's Outcasts. They came in force and went home with the chow. We really appreciate all the support and participation from the SFB's!


NEXT MEETING: April 24th in LaCrosse hosted by the very same SFB's. More info coming.We really need better attendance at our meetings. Car pool or whatever and try and send at

least a couple of reps to do your voting and keep us all informed about your area activities.


TREASURY: The good news is that we actually paid for everything at the Rendezvous this year and even made a few bucks. Full report by "Hellcat" at the April meeting. We will hold

another small auction at meeting with proceeds going to any people attending NCOM convention. Thanks to the Heaven's Devils MC for organizing a very profitable "Peanut Race"!


NCOM: Convention is in Orlando, Florida from May 6th-9th. This is a really informative and also an extremely FUN event. Info at April meeting or call NCOM at number above.


VET NEWS:The "HONOR FLIGHT" was brought up at October's meeting. It flies WWII Vets to Washington to see Memorials and sights free of charge. This is a very righteous activity

for very deserving individuals. The first flight is full but you can donate or nominate a Vet on their web-site. On our site is info on the Baraboo air show in June. Vets are admitted free

and a Huey "Jolly Green Giant" chopper will be giving rides. Check out our event page. Also another Vet activity is the "LZ Lambeau" gathering in Green Bay. Find info via their

site by the same name. I have been contacted by numerous active military both in Iraq and Afganistan regarding Vets MC's and they're looking to ride when they get home. I have

taken the liberty of inviting them to Federation activities to introduce them to our members. If this is not OK by the membership, feel free to contact me and let me know. Thanks!


Spring leads into Summer. Ride safe and support your right to belong to a MC and to freely associate with who you want to by attending and promoting the Federation of Clubs events.

We are facing enormous challenges to both our Freedom and our Lifestyle. Be Vigilant!

God Bless and keep you all safe...

FROG Sec./Federation of Clubs

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "When good Men stand idly by and do nothing...Evil always triumphs"

Edmond Burke